Thursday, 30 October 2014

Mega Mini Month Madness - November sign-up

erm, well hosted by me actually!

Well, Mega Mini Month Madness for October is coming to an end.  I've really enjoyed stitching on minis and have got some great little finishes under my belt this month.

The SAL was hosted by Pull the Other Thread, who has very kindly agreed that I can pick up the baton and run this SAL again in November!  If there is enough interest, then we would be happy to pass this on for someone else to host in December etc etc until no one has any minis left in their stash.

I'm a bit late organising myself to post this, so the deadline for sign-ups is a short one.  I'll be closing this on 5th November.  Some of you have already expressed an interest but many are no-reply bloggers so I hope you see this and sign up below if you're still interested.

Here are the rules as a reminder:
1. You must post on your mini progress once a week in the month of November. It doesn't matter what day so long as you have 5 posts by the end of the month.
2. They can be any mini projects you like, no themes attached but please do keep them to mini projects, as in ornament/card sized projects.
3. Those without a blog are free to join in, you can email me the pictures of your progress and I will post them on your behalf but please be aware that the 5 post rule will also apply.
4. For those who join in and post their mini progress each week I will do a drawing at the start of November for a €25 voucher (or equivalent in your local currency) for an online store of your choice so long as they do e-vouchers.

As before, you MUST post each week to be in with a chance of winning the voucher.  Your first post can just be a show and tell of which minis you plan to stitch on.

I hope this linky thing works OK as this is a first for me!  I'm very excited to be hosting this SAL and hope you will join me.

Sign up here:


  1. I just signed up! This will be great motivation for me to work on some ornaments. :-)

  2. That's great !! I will give it another try. I posted 4 times and completed 3 finishes.
    In fact this year I was seriously thinking not to join any SAL as I am a bit irregular in my updates. I liked this SAL. Let's hope I can do it.

  3. You're such an arm twister :D

  4. Good luck to everybody for the December MMMM. I may join in next year if it's still running then! :)

  5. I am actually so tempted to join in with you on this one Justine but I really do need to work on some of my other projects. I will be keeping a close eye on how everyone is getting on and looking forward to seeing lots of mini progress.

  6. Hello Justine and thank You for comentin in my little blog! I am so happy You have intrst on my stitching...I live in Finland so please excuse my funny english and the bad grammar :) :)

  7. I'm in again! I was able to finish 3 small Halloween themed items, I'm working on Christmas ornaments this time. Though, I will be on vacation for 2 of the weeks in November!

  8. Thanks, Justine! This was great for inspiring me last month so I have high hopes for November! :)

  9. Hi Justine. I enjoyed doing this this month, but I'll pass for November. I have to many other things that I want to work on.


  10. I think I'll sign up again even though I know I need to work on other, larger things. Maybe I can convince myself it's okay to do both! :) I really must say that I cannot host in December though; there is just too much going on that time of year. @_@

  11. Hi Justine

    I'm a new blogger and I was wondering if I could sign up please?
    Love your blog btw (:

  12. Thank you Justine, I've added my link.

  13. When I have a post ready, do I add it as a link? Sorry, I've never done this before.

    1. I'm new to this as well! I don't think you need to. I'm following all your blogs and will see all your posts, and I'm sure others will be doing the same. Hope this helps.